April 20, 2024

Bike Servicing at Home

Regular bike servicing at home will keep your bicycle running efficiently and protect its components from prematurely wearing out. All that’s needed to start servicing is a high quality repair stand, some clean rags and some tools – nothing else should come close!

Degreaser designed specifically for bikes will clean most parts of your bike while lubricating its chain will extend its lifespan. Furthermore, be sure to ensure that your tires are appropriately inflated.


Bike maintenance can be made simpler, quicker, and less costly with the right tools. Your choice of tools could mean the difference between an effortless session of bike care or one marred by cursing, bloodied hands, and possibly damaging expensive parts.

The best bike multi-tools contain standard tools such as allen wrenches, screwdrivers and hex keys that will meet most common jobs. In addition, repair stands, rags and good grease should all be included.

More specific tools include cassette and sprocket tools for replacing or adjusting them, chain whip and lockring tools to tighten star nuts that hold wheels together, as well as torque wrenches to provide precise torque measurements on delicate components like stem bolts.


Pedals are an integral component of riding a bicycle. Proper care must be taken to ensure they are grippable, easy to clip onto and free of play for an optimal riding experience. A regular bike service should include this part of their maintenance.

Most modern pedals feature standard threads and can be installed and removed with ease using a wrench. Note that the left pedal has reverse threading (righty loosey lefty tighty) to prevent it from loosening during a ride.

If your pedals are old or beginning to show signs of wear, replacing them could be worthwhile. There are good affordable aluminium pedals that will last well and make cleaning easier; Check out Look’s Keo pedals or SRAM’s Time line – though cheaper Time models may have bearing issues over time.


Bikes must be properly lubricated to operate at their optimal levels. Bicycle-specific lubricants have been created specifically to reduce friction and dust build-up.

Light oil may be used to lubricate chain links. However, any excess lubricant build-up must be wiped off the components as any buildup could potentially stiffen or even damage them.

WD40 and other spray-on ‘household’ lubricants should not be used on motorcycles as their thick consistency cannot properly lubricate the bike’s components and their application via spray could potentially end up on areas such as brake pads. Silicone spray provides an effective alternative, although regular applications will need to be made.


Cleanliness is vital to keeping components functioning optimally and should be performed after every ride or at least weekly during summer, using cleaners that are specifically formulated for bike cleaning that are also eco-friendly.

Cycling independently can save both time and money by eliminating trips to local repair shops. With doorstep service providers, customers can supervise mechanics working on their bikes to ensure it’s done right – this can make all the difference when dealing with mechanical issues! It can help avoid any costly errors.


At any bicycle service, it is wise to change out worn or damaged accessories and parts – such as bar tape or grips that have become no longer comfortable or their materials have worn away – in favor of new ones. For instance, bar tape that has come loose from its clips should be replaced promptly and without question.

Any loose bolts should be tightened back securely with the torque rating recommended by each part. Furthermore, it’s essential that clipless pedals still feel grippier than ever and that cleats have not come loose from their mounting points.

While it may not be practical to perform a complete bike service on every ride, it is still advised to perform at least a quick check after every outing to help maintain proper functionality of your bicycle and avoid costly repairs down the line.

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