June 14, 2024

Auto Insurance in Alberta

Alberta law mandates car insurance as mandatory coverage and provides drivers with various coverage options, from protecting them from liability in an accident to uninsured motorist coverage and Direct Compensation Property Damage coverage.

Dependent upon your policy, additional coverage options such as collision and specified perils coverages can provide protection beyond collisions – they cover theft and vandalism too!


Alberta provides several forms of coverage you can secure yourself and your car, such as third party liability, accident benefits coverage, uninsured motorist coverage and direct compensation property damage coverage. In addition, comprehensive protection can protect against specific perils such as theft, vandalism and fire.

Accidents can be terrifying experiences for you and your loved ones, not to mention financially devastating if you are uninsured. Auto insurance provides valuable relief during such tragic circumstances by covering medical costs associated with accidents as well as helping recover from them more quickly.

Numerous factors affect your Alberta car insurance premium, such as age, driving history and location. Paying annually instead of monthly may help to save money; bundling policies with one company may further lower rates. Speak to your broker today about all of the available options for your Alberta auto policy!


Alberta law mandates auto insurance as mandatory coverage to provide minimum financial compensation should an accident cause injuries to third parties and legal fees should you be sued by those you’ve injured. It also helps cover legal expenses should lawsuits be brought against you for the injuries you caused.

Many insurance providers also provide collision and comprehensive coverage, which provide additional protection against damages to your own vehicle, whether caused by collision with another vehicle or object or theft, specified perils, or single vehicle rollovers. This also protects against hazards like theft and specific perils such as single vehicle rollovers.

An excluded driver removal removes certain drivers from your policy, typically those with multiple collisions and infractions who could cost you more in premiums. While doing this may save money on premiums, if this individual borrows your car and gets into an accident without coverage it could leave them exposed – province-specific legislation for rental and leased vehicles makes this matter even more complex.


Alberta auto insurance policies offer you numerous discounts based on driving history, claims history and vehicle characteristics that will allow you to save money. Furthermore, by decreasing coverage such as dropping collision, you could see savings as well.

Young drivers in particular often benefit from attending driving schools to lower their premiums; as less experience means higher premiums.

As well as purchasing a car with excellent crash-test and theft ratings, selecting an electric or hybrid vehicle, and keeping with one insurer for extended periods can all save money with auto insurance in Alberta. BrokerLink makes finding your ideal policy easy! With so many policies to choose from and great savings available through loyalty discounts you are sure to find something suitable!


When purchasing auto insurance in Alberta, it’s essential to be aware of all associated taxes. Fees can differ significantly depending on your provider and policy as well as factors like vehicle age, location, driving history etc.

Factors to be taken into consideration for success may include the amount paid out in claims, premium taxes and operating costs. Alberta requires insurers to remit seven percent of their profits as premium taxes.

Another key consideration in Alberta auto insurance costs is your choice of car. Newer models tend to cost more to insure than older ones due to being more susceptible to theft and more costly to repair if damaged in an accident. Some providers may offer discounts based on safety features or additional coverages provided with newer cars, however. Ultimately there are numerous ways you can cut auto insurance costs in Alberta; one effective method being using an online car insurance calculator.

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