June 14, 2024

The Benefits of Using Genuine Auto Parts

Genuine parts are designed specifically to meet the specifications of your car and work seamlessly with its system for optimal performance. Furthermore, these cost-effective pieces come backed with warranties.

Kempthorn Motors authentic parts and accessories can save you money in the long run, as they’re designed to outlive generic alternatives. Plus, each part is handcrafted for optimal fitment and quality assurance testing has taken place prior to delivery.


Genuine Parts are ideal if you want to keep your vehicle in top shape, since these components were used during production of your car at the factory and are identifiable with its logo (Audi, BMW etc).

Genuine auto parts, unlike their aftermarket counterparts manufactured by third party businesses, are designed and produced directly by your vehicle manufacturer. Each part has been rigorously tested in extreme conditions to ensure quality performance as intended.

OEM parts are tailored specifically to fit and outlive generic or aftermarket alternatives, providing greater comfort and peace of mind. Furthermore, many offer warranties to ensure complete protection and satisfaction with their purchase.


Genuine parts are specifically tailored for your vehicle and built to last, with rigorous tests being run at proving grounds. Even small components, like air filters, undergo hundreds of hours of rigorous scrutiny so as to ensure your car performs up to the highest standards during a crash.

On the other hand, aftermarket replacement parts may not fit as securely or work efficiently; additionally, they could lead to further breakdowns.

OEM parts and accessories, on the other hand, are produced directly by their original contract supplier or the manufacturer themselves. As such, these will typically fit better, last longer, and come backed by warranties which offer extra peace of mind when making repairs.


Genuine parts undergo rigorous testing at vehicle maker proving grounds, including rigorous crash tests to establish objective safety ratings that help consumers make informed choices when selecting parts and accessories they buy.

Generic auto parts may appear similar to original manufacturer parts, but aren’t made according to the same specifications and often feature the logo of a third party company instead of that of your vehicle manufacturer. This can lead to poor fitting parts that require costly repairs in the future.

Genuine OEM parts and accessories are designed to work harmoniously with other components in a vehicle for optimal performance, and come backed by manufacturer’s warranties for added peace of mind. That is why sourcing genuine Buick and GMC parts from Gainesville dealerships is such an advantageous decision.


If you need to replace components on your car, it is vital that you select the proper part. Generic or aftermarket pieces may not fit as perfectly and could lead to issues. Genuine or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts were created specifically with your vehicle in mind and ensure a flawless fit.

Genuine OEM and Genuine aftermarket parts feature superior designs that may help make them less likely to wear out or break over time, saving money through lower repair costs and depreciation charges. Generic aftermarket parts on the other hand often need to be replaced more frequently as they become worn-out over time and need replacing more frequently.


Genuine parts provide you with confidence that the part or accessory was specifically designed to fit into your vehicle, eliminating gaps or potential issues down the road.

Although car manufacturers once produced every component for their vehicles themselves, modern companies contract out many replacement parts design and manufacturing tasks to other firms – these OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts carry their original manufacturer’s logo while still bearing it!

Genuine offers a comprehensive selection of industrial replacement parts and office supplies in addition to auto parts. Genuine has strong ties with NAPA Auto Parts Association’s (NAPA’s) distribution centers; in 2007, Genuine employed approximately 5,800 people and its products could be found in more than 5,000 domestic NAPA Auto Parts stores and independent jobbing centers.

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