May 25, 2024

Premium Luxury SUV – Audi Q3 Comes Standard With Leather Upholstery

It’s hard to imagine an American car being more luxurious than the new Audi Q3. With its long wheelbase and three seating capacity it will make your wife go weak with desire. Even if you’ve never driven a luxury car before, you’ll be pleased with the smooth ride and supreme ride quality of this new model. All cars want to give you a great driving experience and the new Q3 definitely holds its own. The long wheelbase of this Audi Q3 means plenty of legroom, head and shoulder room. Depending upon where you sit, the backseat and rear bench can provide up to 675 litres of storage space.

The standard model of this Audi Q3 has all of its features intact, including the dual-zone air conditioning, front and rear-seat climate control, six-speakers in the main audio section, an eight-speaker stereo system with CD, MP3 and radio cassette player and headphone jack. Some models have a touch screen which makes dialing a phone an easy task. There is also a touch pad which is used for switching gear and adjusting the volume. Other features on this luxury SUV are a touch pad for starting the car and switching between the auto and manual modes, a memory switch for selecting your ideal fuel efficiency, a locking tailgate, front airbags and side airbags, and a dual-zone window air conditioning system. There is also a nine-spoke German steering wheel, a leather interior with heated front and leather thrones, a powerful engine and an aggressive chirp from the standard model.

There are many models of this luxury SUV that come with different extras including powertrain options. You can get the all-wheel drive version with the Audi Sport Handling Package or the Premium Handling Package. Both versions include an electronic suspension system, a stronger magnesium alloy frame, front and rear shock absorbers, a torque-oaked four-wheel drive, and a powerful engine. In the case of the premium version, the torsionally adjustable strut bar also comes with larger brake calipers and tougher brake components. However, it should be noted that the Sport Handling Package is only available on the standard audi q3 and the turbo version.

The exterior design of this automobile is sporty and fun. It has got side grilles and a grille insert. The headlights have LED lights. In the case of the models with the Sport Handling Package, you also get a sport exhaust. Other than these, the cabin of this automobile has got a fabric material upholstery and a micro fiber roof. It has cup holders for the front seats, front and rear airbags, a leather interior, a power locks system, and a 5-spound odometer.

As compared to the other two previously mentioned vehicles in the group, the new Q3 has got bigger fuel tanks. It weighs about 2200 pounds which is not that heavy as the SUVs. The other two vehicles in this series weigh more than the SUV and the sedan. In the case of the Q3, manufacturers have fitted in a couple of innovations that have made it more fuel efficient.

There are some standard features of this automobile which you can expect to find in the premium trim version. This model has got the standard features like the push button start, manual transmission, dual-zone climate control, audio controls with sub woofer, satellite radio, USB access to the phone charger, front air bags, side step air bags, dual zone electric windows, front seat side air bags and memory. It also has got leather upholstery in various colors and textures. The standard features of this luxury but do not include the auto upholstery.

The standard version of this vehicle has got the LID (level of light) activated headlights, memory (two) CD player, audio entertainment system, Bluetooth technology, vehicle alarm and steering wheel GPS navigation. The base version of this automobile has got a total of six standard features and it is up to the customer to upgrade it to get the additional features. The rear seats of this Q3 has been customized with the fabric that matches the interior decor of this vehicle. However, if you want to have the custom look for your Q3, you will have to make modifications to the existing parts.

The exterior designs of Audi Q5 SUV have got a total of eleven exterior designs. There are three different colors – black, red and silver. As per the demand of the people, manufacturers have got the option of painting these vehicles with any other color. In addition to the leather upholstery, you can also get the textile upholstery for the seats.

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